Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Retro Love Playlist

Narrator: Tabitha of The Pairabirds

With Valentines fast approaching, I thought it would be appropriate to give you a few love playlists. I entitled this series of playlist Modtroment. Mod/ meaning modern. /Tro meaning retro. -Ment meaning Basement. Mod-tro-ment. Naturally, this series of playlists contain modern melodies with a retro feel. And, songs from the past, found in the basement, that need to resurface.
The third Modtroment love playlist is Retro Amour. These are songs that give the essence of love for anything and everything. May that be a person, nature, a place, a feeling. I combined modern and old songs into this harmonious list. A slick list of Jazz, Funk, and Soul. These songs, I feel, you should get to know, or be reminded of their existence.

Retro Amour
  1. An Italian Story by Daniele Luppi

  2. Quiet Storm by Smokey Robinson

  3. Peaceful Ones by Lonnie Liston Smith

  4. Prototype by Outkast

  5. Girl Next Green Door by Fantastic Plastic Machine

  6. Playing Your Game, Baby by Barry White

  7. We're Together by Donald Byrd

  8. Distant Land by Madlib
  9. Sun Bath by Woody Shaw

  10. Sun Goddess by Ramsey Lewis

  11. Heaven and Earth by John Beltran

  12. You by Raheem DeVaughn

  13. No Stranger to Love by Roy Ayers

  14. Summer Love by The blackbyrds

  15. High John by MF Doom

  16. Sun Worshipper by Mylo

  17. Happy Feelin's by Maze Featuring Frankie Beverly

  18. Red Clay by Soil & Pimp Sessions

I inadvertently put in a lot of songs that deal with Nature and the Sun. I guess this shows my heart is with the environment.

I hope you get plenty of joy out of this list, or at least find a few new songs. Naturally, I could not include every wonderful love song. If there is one you feel I should hear, please leave a comment. I love adding music to my collection.

Original Graphite Drawing

Found at: The Pairabirds


LaMar said...

you are so talented I love your work...

petits bijoux said...

Love the play list, you should check out bonnie and clyde by serge gainsbourg in the original french. Awesome blog!

Cover That Mother said...

Thanks, Lamar and Petits:)

I think I know that song. I will certainly look it up!

Nicole Solo said...

you make me wanna look up some new music now! love prototype