Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Back to the Drawing Board

Narrator: Tabitha of The Pairabirds

I honestly think it is better to be a failure at something you love than to be a
success at something you hate.
George Burns

I tried to accomplish so much yesterday, but I failed to realize that I lacked the major sewing and Photoshop skills to accomplish my tasks (grumble, grumble). I did (finally) update my official website. The renewal was just paid for, so I might as well utilize it.

Since I don't have much to show from yesterday, here's something from a few days ago. Symbiosis is a large 3 piece composition I have turning over in my head. Here is a sketch of the basic form of the piece (minus the middle portion):

This will be the first time I will use board instead of canvas as the surface.

Dick Blick to the rescue. I ordered several different boards (Blick Studio, Ampersand Gessobord, Ampersand Claybord) to get in some practice. I ordered the boards on Tuesday of last week and received them Wednesday afternoon. Fast service, huh? I know I praise Dick Blick a lot. I'm not a paid sponsor. But, if any of you Dick Blick Art Materials bigwigs are reading this, I would gladly take free product samples for singing your praises.

Anywho, the first board I tried was the Blick Studio brand board. Here is the result:

The board takes paint and pencil very well. Plus there is a hanging hole in the back, so no additional hardware or framing is needed.
If all goes well (no repeats of yesterday's failed attempts), I'll try the other surfaces.

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Andria said...

I really like this work. How much fun is playing around with new surfaces and supplies!?!