Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Keeping myself occupied

Narrator: Tabitha of The Pairabirds

As stated yesterday, I am eagerly awaiting something to arrive in my mailbox. To keep my mind off of the waiting, I decided to try my hand at bookbinding. I've bound books by sewing a signature together, but I never tried the "gluing the pages together" technique. I spent most of Sunday surfing the Internet on binding tutorials (Google to the rescue).

I used some of my prints and typing paper for this first one. The things I learned:
  • cut the paper a little smaller than the covers (d'oh!)
  • twelve year old glue does not hold its consistency
  • magazine pages smear

Overall, I'm pretty happy with my first try. Next time, though, I'll use PVA glue. Or, at least glue that is not more than a decade old.

1 comment:

Deabusamor said...

Eep! I've been wanting to try bookbinding and now I'm super-excited! Thanks for the magazine insight, I was planning on using magazine pages as covers.