Thursday, July 3, 2008

Throwback Thursday: Skip

Narrator: Tabitha of The Pairabirds

I didn't realize this Skip It commercial came out in the 80s.
The funny thing about Skip It is that the plastic gets so beat-up from twirling around on asphalt. And, don't skip while there are any small animals around. Not only will their face be cut by the counter ball's shredded plastic, but the counter head weighs enough to break some bones.


Spiderbite said...

I think that commercial is from the 90's, as the counter wasn't on the Skip-it until the 90's I think. The originals were 'count'less!

I myself was bruised by a few 90's Skip-its in my day. I wish I could find the original 60-70's version online. I bet that one was even more likely to maim and injure.

Kinda like my favorite 60-70's toy Lawn darts, banned because it was basically giving children a heavy sharp projectile and then telling them to throw it at each other.

It's crazy to think of how dangerous toys were back then compared to now.

Cover That Mother said...

Yeah, I though maybe the 90s.

And, LOL at the lawn darts! My parents wouldn't let us have them. Not because of injury, but because it would mess up the lawn.