Thursday, October 9, 2008

Throwback Thursday: Some People Really Need It

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Talk of the bailout is on many Americans' minds. I posted a link to an article at the Consumerist yesterday on how AIG spent $440,000 on a resort for there higher-ups.

If the taxpayers, I mean if the government bailed you out by giving you several hundred million dollars, what's the most frivolous things you would get?

I know some of us would pay off old credit card debts, make some mortgage payments, pay off student loans. But, let's play Imagination Station for a bit (and the gov giving us millions is about as imaginary as you can get). List 15, off the top of your head, of your most frivolous purchases with your faux bailout money. My list:
  1. Thick red tights
  2. Black turtleneck
  3. Totoro Plushie
  4. Coffee Maker
  5. Tickets and chauffeured car to and from Maxwell's concert
  6. Tiramisu
  7. Eyeglasses that match every outfit
  8. Real nunchucks
  9. Indoor Bumper Cars
  10. Chauffeur
  11. Swanky Chicago South Loop Condo
  12. Helmets like Daft Punk
  13. Converter Box for my rabbit earred TV
  14. Shopping Spree at my favorite thrift stores
  15. One of the Art Institute Lions

What's on your list?


Pfeiffer Photos said...

That's a pretty darn good list. That's just too much money to know what to do with it. You're right about the old debts, however, and perhaps we could buy a house since we don't have one to pay off yet. I think after debts and giving to others in need, I would have to buy a new camera for me and for the hubby...and then we'd buy new wardrobes, luggage, and travel the world round and round and round again.

Such is life! :-)

d.funkt said...

you have a lot of great stuff on your list. off the top of my head, id buy a couple vintage cars. definitely one of them would be a silver rolls royce. id also travel and buy an absurd amount of jewelry. id also get a big 4 poster bed with goose down everything and gazillion thread count sheets. id buy stuff from chanel and that gorgeous gold gown i saw in the window at gucci a couple years back and a great apartment in manhattan or a brownstone in brooklyn [thatd probably be half the money right there...oh ny real estate]. and at some point i imagine id get to those pesky student loans.

oh, to dream!

rusty said...

1. contacts
2. glasses
3. red pencil skirt
4. tartan corset shirt thing
5. Halloween costume
6. several unnecessary headbands
7. go see "W"
8. go to a show, something good
9. food shop for once...
10. buy a new couch!