Tuesday, January 27, 2009

First Black and White Print: Silhouette

I (finally) released my first black and white print.
This piece was drawn digitally with a drawing tablet. The image was inspired by Mucha's illustrations and vintage graphic album covers.

Silhouette is a limited edition 8x10 print. Printed on Somerset Velvet paper, it almost has the look and feel of watercolor.

I plan on releasing more limited edition prints. Most will be editions of 25 (Silhouette is an edition of 25). Some pieces I have in mind are my animal hats series.

Silhouette is available here.


Kay said...

My niece has been studying Mucha quite a lot -- I loved what that inspired her to go on and create. You also have made something beautiful. Good Work -- I like this.

Arhagle said...

good one

Paintings painters art history

Eclectic Mix Knitwear said...

I love this!

All the best.

Icon said...

Hi Tabitha, I LOVE This SO much that I have it posted on my website. I'd like to post a link of your site on my page in exchange for using the picture. I like the other work that you've done, too.