Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Tweet too much.

It looks like a '50s Jazz concert poster, but it's not. It's my most frequently tweeted words. I joined Twitter not long ago and really like it. What other place allows you to blurt out random thoughts outside of a white jacket with padded walls?

TweetStats allows you to chart your Tweet stats. You can see what time of the day you do most of your Twittering. Also, you can see which words you use the most (my top 5 are etsy, make, today, new, day. I sound very optimistic). Under the Tweet Cloud tab, there is a link to Wordle. There you can create a customizable picture of your popular Tweet words (with or without @ replies).

Another fun time killer. Oh, and for added fun read some of the words that our close together on your Twitter picture. You'll find some funny/surreal/odd/bizarre phrases.

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