Friday, July 24, 2009

July 23rd: Lunch Trade Politics sketch

"Trade you my peanut butter sandwich for your bologna sandwich."

"I already traded it for Dina's ham sandwich. And, Dina traded the peanut butter with Edward for turkey. So, if you want peanut butter you'll have to trade your chocolate pudding for MY carrots.

"No way! Pudding for carrots!?"

"Yeah, you give me your pudding, and I'll give you my carrots. You can then trade the carrots with Edward."

"No one ever wants carrots."

"I know."

"This doesn't make sense. Why would I have to trade something with you to get a sandwich from Edward? Why wouldn't I just trade my sandwich with Edward?"

"You owe me my Finder's fee."

"I'll just go straight to Edward and trade."

"Go ahead. Edward doesn't like bologna sandwiches, though. Anyway, he already ate the sandwich. And, the next Peanut butter sandwich he gets goes to me. He owes me for last weeks trade."

"UGH! Why didn't you say all this at the beginning."

"Welcome to politics, kid."

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