Friday, August 14, 2009

Pause a Moment: Elizabeth Wakefield

At first I was going to reread and review The Sweet Valley High Series. But, that's a bit too time-consuming. Everything I ever need to know I can learn from the book covers. Yeah, you're not suppose to judge a book by it's cover. But, I'm a visual learner (and this blog is called Cover that Mother. May as well talk about coverings, right?). So, what did I learn about Sweet Valley High's Elizabeth Wakefield?

First, she's an identical twin. She's the tamer of the pair. You can tell this because Sister Lizzie pushes her hair behind her ears. It's not big and flirty like Sister Jessica's. Sister Lizzie loves life and thinks of everyone as her earth sister. And, she loves magenta lipstick.

"I know all your secrets, Sister Jess. I still love you."

She has a black friend. Her name is Jodie Landon Patty Gilbert. And, Sister Lizzie supports her.

"I support you, Sister Jodie."
"I'm Patty."

She has an Asian friend. Her name is Jade Wu. And, Sister Lizzie supports her.

"You're my friend, Sister Jade. How do you say friend in Japanese."
"I wouldn't know. I'm Chinese, Elizabeth."

She has a nerdy friend. Her name is Lynne. Lynne's trying to copy Bobby Womack's style. And, Sister Lizzie supports her.

"I see you have no lenses in your glasses, Sister Angsty Lynne. I shall be your eyes. You'll finally be able to see the beauty of the world instead of the your hair. "

Awww....Sister Lizzie is such a benevolent soul.

Sister Lizzie has always been like that. Even as a young'un.

Sister Lizzie's best buddy is a cute curly haired girl name Enid. They're so close, Enid matches her eyeshadow to Elizabeth's shirt. That way when Enid needs Sister Lizzie's shoulder to cry on, the makeup won't show on Lizzie's shirt. BF4eva!!!1!♥
"We're BF4eva, Sister Enid! Right? Hello? Hello...Am I talking to myself?"

She gives fashion tips for free.

"Sister Emily...that lipstick, that shirt. And, that teardrop? The gleam of that teardrop only brings out those atrocious mother-of-pearl buttons on your Polo. Now come on. Smile with your eyes! The world is lovely!"

But, even Sister Lizzie needs a tall, tan hunk shoulder to cry on once in a while.

"Elizabeth, it'll be okay. No one will notice your other barrette is a different shade of pink."
"Oh, Todd. But, I'm so worried that Sister Angsty Lynne and Sister Jodie will notice."
"They won't. And, uh, her name is Patty, not Jodie."

Here's to you Sister Elizabeth Wakefield! We shall go forth and put barrettes in our hair and meekly rest our hands on our downtrodden friends.

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