Sunday, August 16, 2009

Pause a Moment: Faith Thompson

"Sure is nice to be back up north," Dana said sarcastically. "The sun gives a person a tan, maybe snow takes it away. If so, mine'll be all gone before I have a chance to show it off to anybody."
"Not mine," joked Faith, who was black. "Of course, I had a head start on you two."
~from Book 13: Here Come the Boys

Pausing to get to know Faith Thompson. Name probably doesn't ring a bell. She's one of the girls from the series The Girls of Canby Hall. This was another series I devoured as a tween (back when we were called pre-teen). Like the Sweet Valley High series, I don't have much interest in rereading Canby Hall. Instead I'll just learn all I need to know by studying the covers. What can we learn about Faith Thompson?

As with most of these 80s/9os YA series, she's the one/one of very few black kids in the school. Here's our heroine Jodie Landon Tootie Ramsey Faith Thompson.

Aside from that, there is not much else to learn about Faith. She's often relegated to outside edge of her Trio. Her Trio consist of Shelley Hyde and Dana "Jaclyn Smith" Morrison.

Like here, for example. All three girls look cute, but Faith gets upstaged by Dana doing her best Blanche Devereaux Southern Belle impression. If you ask me, I think the Vampire Bottles on the table steal the show. Notice they leave no reflection in the mirror....

And here. New boy on the campus only has eyes for Dana. Sorry Shell. Sorry Faith.

This time it's not Dana making heads turn away from Faith. There's a new PYT on the beach ( Dana holding a ShamWow?).

"Oh hell no," Dana said.
"There's gonna be trouble," Faith said.
"Make that double," Shelley replied.

Besides being upstaged (and a love for wearing the color purple) we can surmise that she lives in a city that gets bitterly cold in the winter.
If you live in a cold city you know about the "I don't care if the patterns don't match and if the colors clash, I'm not freezing my ass off trying to look cute waiting for the bus" syndrome. This syndrome primarily hits on the first unexpected cold snap and you realize all of your winter gear is packed away, and you have to piecemeal items together. Then you realize that you have two right-hand mittens, but the matching mitten has a hole. And, that hat is way too small, and that scarf smells like......

Yeah, Faith suffers from this syndrome, too.

Sometimes she is put in the middle of things. Although, the situations aren't ideal.

The more I look at these covers, the more I start to feel sorry for Faith. She doesn't appear to have much of a personality. Her appearances were pretty mundane.

But, what's the most important thing we can learn from Faith's covers?
She totally gets the dreamy hunk at the end!!♥! And, that's all that matters!

Oh yeah, and she graduates......

Now back to the hottie that took Faith to the Night to Remember dance. OMG! He was like sUperAWesOmE!!!!1!
♪♫It makes me wanna dance with Somebody♪♫


d.funkt said...

why did i not know about these books?! i read babysitters club little sister but nancy drew was obviously better. then i got into the cheetah girls for a while and after someone gave me the left behind kids series for christmas i read that until i started to get too scared thinking about the apocalypse...

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Lisa said...

This cracks me up! You have to check out my blog on the Girls of Canby Hall -- I totally agree with you that Faith (actually all of them) were caricatures!