Monday, November 30, 2009

Black Friday: The Zenith

I braved the streets on Black Friday. Went to a bunch of stores and malls to browse; I had nothing in particular that I wanted to buy.
The last stop we made was to Goodwill to see if they restocked the fiction bookshelf. Also, I had a 30% off coupon. After looking at the books and coming up empty handed, my sister and I saw this standing on the other side of the room.

It was a Zenith Solid State Stereophonic.

It was the exact same model that my Grandma had in her living room. We grew up listening to music on a radio just like that. Every Christmas, Motown and Johnny Mathis.

The price tag said $20.
I snatched it up. I didn't even bother to see if it worked. I just wanted it for decorative purposes/sentimental reasons. But, my sister and mom tried it out while I was in line. The record player and radio worked.

With my 30% coupon, the grand total was......$15.11
Happy Black Friday to me.


L.C said...

totally awesome find!!

Stacey D said...

That is gorgeous and AWESOME! That is the best thing I have seen come out of Goodwill with a very happy ending!!

Anonymous said...

I know I'm really late but that piece is crazy! I love it! What Goodwill are you going to?( please do tell lol)