Tuesday, August 10, 2010

New Prints: Prism Series -first 5

I'm currently working on a new series titled Prism. The mixed media pieces all feature woman with a prism of various skin-tones.
The inspiration for this series came from a 1960s Noxema ad I found in an old issue of Ebony.

The ad featured the line, "If girls with the most beautiful skin in the world wash with Noxema, why shouldn't you?" The important part of this ad was that it featured women of various complexions, hair textures, and facial features. It is so good to see such a diverse group of women in an advertisement.

I wanted to convey a similar message. I wanted to show that a woman is lovely no matter what her coloring.

These are the first 5 images from the series Prism.

The first 5 images are available as prints at my Etsy shop.


sara star said...

Lovely concept and beautiful execution. Very positive and affirming.

Angela at Neglected Princess said...

Your art is amazing, and Noxema should run this ad forever!