Sunday, November 25, 2007

Math Class

Narrator: Tabitha of the Pairabirds

I enjoy collecting office and school supplies. Pencils, paper, tape; I hyperventilate when I go into an office supply store. I saw a laminating machine at Office Depot recently. I have no clue what I would laminate. But, when do artist ever need a reason to buy tools. I didn't buy it, though (this time).

I am glad that I am a daughter of a former teacher. I have the privilege of finding random bits of school items around the house.

I recently came across a set of clear overhead projector tiles. I remember finding them last year and saying, "I'll make something with these."

I made a few sets of stud earrings with a few of them. A few magnets with the others. Geometry tools need to come in handy for something. The clear white studs are on top of a page from a 1970s encyclopedia. Encyclopedias from the seventies are so entertaining. If you decide not to use it as a backdrop, they sure are fun to read. Especially when the Future or the Year 2000 is mentioned. I'm still awaiting the flying cars with robot drivers.

Handmade Stud earrings
Found at: The Pairabirds

Vintage 1970s Encyclopedia
Found at: Salvation Army Family Store, Illinois

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