Saturday, December 1, 2007

Here he comes

Narrator: Tabitha of the Pairabirds

Once again, I bought something a while ago (2 years ago) and had no clue what I would make with it. I picked up a package of miniature reflectors. The kind you put on mailboxes so that you don't back over them.

Not having a clue what to do with them, I stuck them in my odds and ends drawer. I didn't think about them again until I bought some ring blanks from Atomic Veggie. I thought, wow, these will make some really cool rings. Detector Reflector Rings.

The name made me think of Inspector Detector of Speed Racer. Such a fitting name. Reflectors, like that of Speed Racer's unbeatable car, the Mach 5.

Of course, my ring can't jump over mile long canyons or chop down entire forest. And I can't promise that you will run into Racer X-one-of-the-best-racers-in the world-who-unbeknown to-Speed-is his-long lost-brother-who left home-years-ago.

At least drivers will see you when you're riding your bike in the dark.

Handmade Reflector Ring
Found at: The Pairabirds

Vintage Bingo Chips
Found at: Ebay

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