Monday, December 3, 2007


Narrator: Tabitha of the Pairabirds

The first Japanese anime I ever saw was either Sailor Moon or Robot Carnival. When I was in 7th or 8th grade, Sailor Moon use to come on before I left to school (so did MTV Jams, which shows how long ago that was). I had never seen anime and was so intrigued by the big eyes and the big drips (if you watch Japanimation a lot you know what I mean by big drip). It was like nothing I had seen before.

Around that same time station WJYS had a show called Japanation. Which was really odd. WJYS is one of those regular TV channels towards the end of the dial. They showed infommercials the majority of the day. But, on Saturday nights they showed anime movies. I saw the Dirty Pair once, a few ninja movies, and Robot Carnival. To this day I still think Robot Carnival is one of the most beautifully animated films out there. One of the shorts, Presence, is one of the reasons I became an illustrator.

You can find some clips on Youtube. I still have not tracked down a copy of the DVD.

Because of what was stated above, I had to get this 60s anime card. I'm not an expert on anime, so the characters on the card are unknown to me. I just thinks it's kind of nifty.

Vintage Anime card
Found at: Ebay

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