Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Break it down

Narrator: Tabitha of The Pairabirds

At some point in music history, parachute pants were popular, famous musicians were immortalized into friends of Barbie, and cartoons starred pop stars.

Also, at some point in time, MC Hammer ruled the world. I owned some parachutes. I had the MC Hammer doll (which came with a tape with Can't Touch this on side A and a *special* message from Hammer on side B). And, I watched the short lived Hammer cartoon (Go Hammer, go Hammer, Go!).

This necklace is made with an old MC Hammer record charm. I included a small golden hammer. The charms are on an 18" antique silver finish chain. You may do some damage with this knockout. But, please Hammer, don't hurt 'em.

Handmade Hammer Necklace
Found at: The Pairabirds

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