Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The evening of 1972

Narrator: Tabitha of the Pairabirds

More paper for me to stow in my studio. I found two Saturday Evening Post, circa 1972, while at a library book sale. I've seen pictures of the SEP in art school, but never actually held one in my hand.
The two magazines are full of old advertisements. If I found this magazine back in '72, I could have bought an acre of San Luis land for only $395 (that's what one of the ads said)! Or, some luxurious satin sheets for bargain price of $23.99 (an extra $2 if I wanted them monogrammed).

I can't even begin to think of the different ways I can use these mags. Buttons, backgrounds for paintings, earrings...

I'll make sure to post some more of the advertisements. Because, believe it or not, but according to an ad in this magazine, you could have bought a box of dustless professional oil pastels for... $2.98.

Vintage Magazines
Found at: Library book sale, Illinois

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