Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Hey, listen up

Narrator: Tabitha of The Pairabirds
What does one do with misprints?

I have a stack of digital photos that were printed too light. I can't sell them. Well, I found a torn scrap of tracing paper lying next to the box of misprints. Hmmm, thought crafty me. I have a sketchbook of drawings waiting to become finished drawings. But, making them into full sized drawings requires me to drag out my projector. Hmmm... these sketches are about the size of this tracing paper. And, I need a background. Hmmm... these misprints could be the background.

So, I did a drawing on the tracing paper, taped it around my photo and Kablammo! I really like the look. The paper makes the photo soft and dreamlike. Now to dig up some more tracing paper.

Handmade Mixed Media piece
Found at: The Pairabirds

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melroska said...

that looks really neat. very ingenious!