Friday, February 15, 2008

Carry-alls. Tried and failed

Narrator: Tabitha of The Pairabirds

Remember those carry-alls I was talking about feverishly (maybe not feverishly; it took me forever to varnish them) making in my lab? Well, the formula was no good. So, it's back to the drawing board I go. I really want to add a line of wallets or pouches to the P-birds stock.

Google to the rescue. I found through Google a great tutorial from Twelve22 on making zippered pouches. A clear, concise tute. Hmmm. I think I can do this, especially since it looks like mainly straight line stitching. Plus, this gives me a reason to buy cute fabric. I really want these little pouches to have a 70s feel or a jazz look. Hee hee. I can't wait to look for fabric (I really should be focusing on using my zipper foot for the first time).

I'll keep you updated on the P-birds's excursion into the Pouch.

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