Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson : 1958 - 2009

No matter how anyone feels about Michael Jackson, his impact on music can not be denied.

And, he transformed another medium. The Music Video.

Michael Jackson - Leave Me Alone
Michael Jackson - Thriller

I remember...
~ Crying with my cousin when we were about 7 wanting to go to a Michael Jackson concert
~ His music playing in the background of our family summer barbecues
~ Owning the Michael Jackson doll
~ Watching Moonwalker almost
~ Being terrified of the Thriller video at 5 years old
~Being in awe of the Thriller video at 15 years old
~ Waiting for the premiere of the Black or White video. The whole family gathered.
~ Trying to Moonwalk in my Grandma's living room. It was the room with the slickest floor.
~ When I was older... playing Jackson 5ive records and looking at all the hearts drawn on the covers by my mom and aunt over 20 years ago.
~ Wanting to believe Jermaine when he said the brothers will get together for another tour.
~ watching the Wiz and saying "I'm most like the scarecrow."

These are just a handful of memories.
It's hard to part with a musician who was the soundtrack of your life. Rest in Peace Michael Joseph Jackson.

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