Monday, June 8, 2009

New Prints: Jun 09 Collection

The beginning of the Jun 09 Print Collection is available. All of the pieces finished in June will be in this collection. So far, there are 4 different illustrations available. In order to make room in the shop, I will not have the originals listed. You can contact me if you would like the original graphite illustrations.

I blogged about the inspiration of Dip a few days ago. Here is the finished illustration.


Two new Sleep designs are up.

Sleep: Cozy

initial sketch

finished illustration

Sleep: Tattoo

initial sketch

finished illustration

The final illustration is a modern interpretation of Little Red Riding Hood.

initial sketch

finished illustration

All prints in the Jun 09 Collection are 8x10.
Choose your favorite(s)


Isaac D. said...

Interesting artwork. How did you develop your style? It seems to resemble modern Japanese animations.

Cover That Mother said...

Thank you. I do use modern Japanese animations for inspiration.