Monday, June 1, 2009

Quick Update: 5 x 7 Prints are A-go!

I listed the last 5x7 prints. Once they're gone, they're gone! I'm phasing out 5x7 prints and will be focusing on 8x10 prints. All 5x7 prints are $15 each. They look really nice grouped together.

The first collection is 1975.

1. Sky is the Limit
2. Speaking of Love
3. Michael and the Ginkgo Leaf
4. Devika
5. Curtains
6. Prom Night

The second collection is Portraits.

1. After the Dance
2. Bobbi
3. Miss Kane
4. Very Telling
5. Cat Call
6. I Love You 2
7. Ruby

The third collection is Legs and Feet.

1. Cinderella
2. Orson and Melba in the Field of Marshmallows
3. Orson and Melba on Planet Alpha
4. Sink or Rise

The fourth collection is Memory Lane.

1. Raincoat
2. Raindrops Keep Falling
3. B-Boy
4. Working on the Equation
5. What She Didn't Say

On a related note, I also made a separate listing for the new illustrations. Previously, in order to buy a print, you had to contact me. Now, you can just click and buy.

8x10 prints from the May 09 Collection are now available. Each print is $25. You'll recognize these images. I blogged about them previously.

1. Sleepers I
2. Sleepers II
3. Visions of a New World
4. Like Rabbits
5. May Not Survive the Winter
6. Hello Stranger

Okay, that was meant to be a quick update, but it got a bit image heavy.
Happy June.


Nai said...

Oh how I wish you would have a stand alone of Pearl. I bought the curtains print but I just love the complete simplicity of Pearl alone. I have it bookmarked and look at it often. Pearl and little sunflower...

Natural said...

love your work. nice illustrations.