Friday, May 29, 2009

Hot off the Drawing Table: End of May

Last full week of May. Where did it go? Between commissions, family get-togethers, and allergies, I managed to add some new work to my shop.

I talked about these earlier in the week
. Here are the finished illustrations.

Sleep I:

Sleep II:

Both are 8x10 and done with graphite
Like Rabbits is a drawing featuring a couple caught in an intimate situation. If you look closely, into the trees, you'll see the voyeurs. The illustration started as this sketch:

The finished piece looks like this.

It is also an 8x10, making it easy to frame.

The last piece I added this week was May Not survive the Winter. The couple carries their little plant home in the cold winter. The question is: What element in the picture won't survive the winter?

The initial sketch of the image was drawn in my Moleskine.

The finished illustration.

May Not Survive the Winter is 8x10 and on recycled, acid free paper.

All of the illustrations are available as 8x10 prints upon request!

Sample Songs for the road:
Summer Soft by Stevie Wonder

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Mega said...

You have a very surreal style. Keep drawing....!