Wednesday, May 27, 2009

End of May Thrift Store Finds: Shirts and Books.

First stop on Saturday was Salvation Army. Their clothing racks were packed in preparation for their Memorial Day Sale on Monday.

It was "shirt day", for me. When shopping at thrift stores you have to focus on looking for a specific thing. Otherwise you'll wander around aimlessly. Or, get distracted by really odd housewares.

Besides having packed racks, SA also packed their bookshelves. They received a huge shipment of novels. I don't normally buy books there. Mainly because the selection was so small (partly because the aisle is normally field with random toys). However, I made the exception. Why? 5 books for $1, is why.

End of the Rainbow by Mary Ann Crenshaw
Sea Glass by Anita Shreve
Rise and Shine by Anne Quindlen
Blindness by José Saramago
Gibson Girls Paper Doll Book drawn by Tom Tierney

The paper doll book is missing the dolls. But, the clothing and some of the beaus are still there. And, it was 20 cents.

9 shirts
4 novels
1 Paper Doll Book
= $24.73

Next stop was Goodwill. Lots of bestsellers on the shelves. That doesn't necessarily mean the book was any good *coughcoughTheDaVinciCodecoughcough*, but at least I can see what's the big deal about the book. Copies of Wicked, White Teeth, Memoirs of a Geisha were among the pack (and for a fraction of the price). Since I already own/read those three books, I didn't buy those.

These books found their way into my basket:

Evening News by Marly Swick
The Fatigue Artist by Lynne Sharon Schwartz
The Memory Keeper's Daughter by Kim Edwards
The Year of Fog by Michelle Richmond
On Beauty by Zadie Smith

Total = $4.23

Not bad.


Michelle Richmond said...

Well, I'm pleased as punch that you found The Year of Fog in the thrift store. I love it when my books get a second life! I hope you enjoy it, and that you'll also check out my latest novel, No One You Know.

Jessica Doyle said...

You scored!

I love rummaging around garage sales and thrift stores. I'm going to use your advice about shopping for clothing and only look for one thing at a time as I do aimlessly wander...